• Author: Morgan Y.
    My husband purchased my engagement ring from AW. It is by far the most beautiful and most
    secure setting I have ever seen. Since we live out of state we had the opportunity to visit the store
    to have the ring resized. Brenda had it ready in less than 5 minutes because she is brilliant. During
    our time in the store I tried on several, if not all, of the wedding bands. I couldn’t decide between a
    plain platinum and yellow gold to match my husband or a diamond one for extra sparkle. I went with
    both. The platinum and yellow band came from an originally all platinum ring with a lifted center.
    Again, the talented, amazing Brenda took the center out and recreated it with yellow gold. Now it is
    unique yet matches! For the diamond band, Craig started by showing and teaching me about
    different settings. Then Craig and Brenda designed it using their 3D programming so I could see
    what the finished product would look like. Once I knew the type of setting (shared prongs) we
    picked out the diamonds! Overnight she made the mold and I got to try it on before it was created in
    metal.I do not remember exactly how long it took for the rings to be made but I do remember it was
    exactly the time Craig said it would be.

    They are absolutely perfect.

    And then came the earrings. No women should be without a pair of diamond earrings.
    Craig was able to obtain two nearly identical, flawless diamonds. Brenda set them in platinum, martini style, and they are stunning. I have seen similar earrings only in Cartier (but you do not get the same level of care and communication at that type of store).
    And then came the most beautiful multiple color piece of jewelry I own- earrings. Brenda is truly
    talented and if you have the chance you should see the pieces she has created. These earrings are
    one of a kind. Nothing comes close to the complexity and brilliance of them. I have never been
    disappointed in the quality or service provided by AW. I can’t wait for my next chance to visit!

  • Author: Zac F.
    Craig and Brenda Warburton are two honest jewelers that really know their craft.
    I brought an old family engagement ring into Austin & Warburton for appraisal, repair, and re-sizing
    prior to proposing to my fiance. Not only did I receive excellent service, I also received a crash
    course in diamonds, precious metals, jewelry insurance, etc.
    Best experience I have had with any jeweler.
  • Author: Jenny S.
    Austin & Warburton is the place to go for custom jewelry in Ann Arbor! Craig helped me create the
    perfect piece and Brenda crafted it to perfection!
    Austin & Warburton is now appointment only but do not let that stop you from coming! You can
    have individualized attention while you shop for the perfect engagement ring!
    The jewelry is pricey but you are paying for the quality and craftsmanship that goes into each piece
    I highly recommend this store!
  • Author: Dan H.
    I have done business with Austin and Warburton twice now. I had 2 custom wedding bands made
    in 2008 and just had a custom pendant made. I came in with a design in my head and they were
    able to recreate it perfectly! All pieces look amazing! Since having the wedding bands made, I have
    moved out of state. For the pendant, I communicated with Craig via phone and email. Doing
    business with them “virtually” was a breeze! Everything turned out just as I had envisioned it
    despite not being able to communicate face to face. In addition, I was under a tight deadline for
    Christmas, and they were able to get it done when they said they would. They also were able to
    work with my budget, even though they initially thought it would be more expensive. Throughout the
    whole process, Craig was cordial, listened well, and really made an effort to understand my wants. I
    would recommend Austin and Warburton to anyone who is looking for custom-made jewelry!
  • Author: Jennifer M.
    Beautiful jewelry and excellent service! Craig was wonderful to work with and my experience was top notch!
  • Author: Ron S.
    Easily the best experience I’ve had in a jewelry store. Very personal with excellent customer
    service. My fiancee and I went in Austin & Warburton for ideas about a custom engagement ring.
    Craig is an absolute joy to work with, I think he handles all they’re sales since they are by
    appointment only. Honesty and patience are very important qualities in a jeweler and Craig has
    both. He could easily have sold me on buying a new engagement ring, but after listening to what
    we had to say, he worked with us to restore my grandmother’s ring. Not only does the ring look
    stunning, but it saved me a good chunk of change.
  • Author: Angelina V.
    We had my engagement ring custom made through Austin & Warburton. They spent quality time
    with us, helping us through the process (which was new to us). We came in with only an idea, and
    they helped us to materialize that into the perfect ring! We are super pleased and would highly
  • Author: Christine N.
    I have been an Austin & Warburton customer of years! I absolutely love Brenda’s creations and
    artistic abilities! She can do really amazing things with gold and diamonds! The design process is
    truly addictive – working with Craig from an idea in my head to a wax model, and finally to a
    beautifully finished piece that sparkles and shines is incredible. It is nice to have a jeweler I can
    trust with my family gems. The craftsmanship is remarkable! I feel I get great value for my money
    and excellent customer service.
  • Author: Truman M.
    Absolute top quality merchandise. Personalized service. Nice people. This is the place to go to
    buy special jewelry, especially custom designed.