General note:
In most jewelry stores, the repair technician is the newest, least trained and least capable craftsman on staff. The more talented staff is used for more important work. In our shop we have no “less qualified” staff. Our repairs are done by the same jeweler that wins awards internationally, who builds virtually everything we sell and has the capability to, not just repair an item, but to make it better. Even better, Brenda has no attitude about what she works on. She will treat your broken statue, coffee pot or creamer, toy train engine, whatever, as if it were the most exceptional jewel she has ever handled.

We size, solder, attach, bend, polish and weld. Certain rules apply here that do not in all shops.

  • We only “stretch” plain bands and never more than 1 size.
  • We re-tip with metal, not solder!
  • We use the highest temperature solders possible, it strengthens the repair.
  • We treat every repair as if it were OUR most prized possession!

The services we offer include all forms of repair.

  • Ring Sizing (silver, gold, platinum and palladium)
  • Soldering (all metals)
  • Laser welding (most metals)
  • Clasp and chain repair
  • Restringing (beads and pearls)
  • Engraving (inside rings as well as machine engraved flat work)
  • Plating (all metals)
  • Polishing (all surfaces)
  • Stone and gem replacements
  • Lapidary repairs (inlays and minerals)

So bring that broken earring, chain or ring. Estimates are free and usually made on the spot. If it is more than you wish to invest in an item, it is ok to say no thanks. To start, stop by the store, or schedule a consultation.

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