white_metal_1Fashion trends and styles continue to change, at Austin and Warburton, as at every jewelry and fashion seller. 

For us, it means you can see the popular styles of the day without seeing the actual designs you see at every jeweler on the block.

For us it means a ring that is designed to fit one finger and one stone size, perfectly.

For us it means a complete ring project, normally in less than TWO weeks, most of the time within ONE week, from start to finish.

For us, custom does not mean humpy bumpy and lumpy, it might mean classic, Celtic, deco, retro or contemporary. Brenda wins many awards because she is comfortable designing in every genre, especially the one you want!

How does that work?

If your project involves a diamond or gemstone purchase, we take all the mystery out, and help you buy the absolute best quality your budget will buy. Full disclosure of quality and properties are a must at Austin and Warburton.

You communicate to us what it is you wish to accomplish. That might be online or in the store. WE quote you as much as that could reasonably be and, if agreeable we begin. A wax model is made that is the ring in every detail. Six out of ten times we demonstrate a wax, whether online or in person, we expect there to be some changes. We modify the wax as many times as necessary to get to your exact dream or image. Only then, with your approval and permission, do we begin the process of making the ring in metal. Sound like a long process….not really. Waxes are made on our state of the art CAD/CAM system, usually within 48 hours! Once approved the casting and finishing process usually takes 3-4 days (slightly longer for palladium and platinum).

The result, a ring that is only yours, made to the exacting details your minds eye saw originally. It’s your dream, it’s our mission to produce it!

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