Gold Jewelry Care Information

All karat golds are subject to affectations from chemicals. These chemicals could be as common as pool or hot tub chlorine, household bleach and other chlorinated compounds.

Chemical exposure is often increased as compounds are retained and held by soils attached to the ring – soaps and lotions primarily. White gold in general is more susceptible to damage due to chemical exposure.

Damage from chemical exposure may manifest itself as brittleness, breaking and cracking, as well as discoloration.

In order to avoid this damage, we strongly recommend the following:

  1. NEVER wear gold jewelry while swimming in a chemically adjusted pool or using a hot tub.
  2. NEVER soak your jewelry in anything other than Austin & Warburton specifically formulated jewelry cleaner. ABSOLUTELY NEVER clean your jewelry with bleach, cleansers, detergents or other household cleaners.
  3. Keep your gold jewelry clean on a regular basis. Cosmetics, bathing soaps, and lotion accumulations should be removed regularly.
  4. ALWAYS follow cleaning instructions on specifically formulated jewelry cleaners and rinse solutions from the jewelry immediately.
  5. It is not recommended to use home ultrasonic cleaners, especially with gem-set jewelry. Jewelry cleaned by this method should be inspected by a professional jeweler capable of tightening gems and identifying adverse affects of sonic cleaners.
  6. Let us help you keep your jewelry looking great. There is NEVER a charge to clean jewelry of our manufacture.