2011 Spectrum Award Winner

(although not Brenda’s directly)

The Princess of Ratnapura Braceletbracelet

Built for Omi Gems in Los Angeles

Constructed using nearly 5 ounces of platinum, Brenda Warburton executed this design using over 400 melee diamonds, totaling 8.96 cts. and showcasing the 14 cts. of exceptional blue sapphires. Click here to see more details.

110820062006 Spectrum Award Winner

American Gem Trade Association 3rd Place, Bridal Division

18K white gold necklace featuring a 2.43 ct. pink Sapphire, a 1.16 ct. Alexandrite,
a 0.91 ct. yellow Sapphire and Diamonds (2.94 ctw).

2002 Spectrum Award Winner

American Gem Trade Association 2nd Place, Casual Division21253

Platinum and 18k yellow gold ring, set with a matching fancy-cut set of tanzanite (1.66ct)
and rubellite tourmaline (1.38ct), and eight square yellow sapphires equaling 0.76cts.

2001 Tahitian Pearl Trophy21277-closeup21277head-on

Honorable Mention

Platinum and 18k yellow gold necklace, set with:

  •  twenty 8.5mm Tahitian black pearls
  • one 11mm baroque Tahitian pearl
  • one 0.03ct orange sapphire
  • one 0.04ct pink tourmaline
  • thirteen tsavorite garnets totaling 1.24cts
  • eleven spessartite garnets totaling 0.92ct.

2001 Spectrum Award Winner

American Gem Trade Associationrainbowpendant

Rainbow pendant manufactured out of platinum and 18k yellow gold with a 1.92 ct. fancy triangle tanzanite and a 1.66 ct. fancy triangle amethyst set at either end of the pendant. The pendant is mostly constructed of a hollow twisted platinum tube pavé set with 1.5 mm round amethyst, ruby, pink sapphire, citrine, emerald, peridot, and sapphire. It is incredibly difficult on a technical level to bend hollow platinum tubing into smooth shapes. On top of that, once the tube was bent setting the very small soft gemstones presented an additional challenge. This pendant is beautiful to the eye and an amazing technical feat!

2000 Colored Gemstone Design Awards

Manufacturers/Retail Manufacturers and Designers

Brenda J. Warburton is a finalist in the Colored Gemstone Design Award 2000 Contest in two categories, Manufacturers/Retail Manufacturers and Designers. The Colored Gemstones Design Award 2000 is a nationally sponsored jewelry design contest that had over 500 entries nationwide. Mrs. Warburton’s jewelry was selected to be in the 30 finalist entries in each category. Keeping with the theme of the contest, “Color Therapy”, Mrs. Warburton has created an earring and necklace suite, and a pair of earrings that each use numerous colored gemstones and diamonds.

spinnersDesign Division

14k yellow and white gold set with rhodolite garnets, peridot, citrine, amethyst, and diamonds. These earrings have moving partsthat rotate to provide mobile-like interest in the kinetic piece.

arrowsetManufacturers/Retail Manufacturers

The earrings and necklace that were finalists in the Manufacturers/Retail Manufacturers Division are 14k yellow and white gold set with amethyst, rhodolite garnet, citrine, peridot, blue topaz, and diamond.

1999 First Place Design, Professional Goldsmith

Michigan Jewelers Association State Wide Competition

earrsThese award winning earrings which we have nicknamed the “mobile earrings” have an interesting feature to their overall design in that each piece moves and allows rotation similar to a mobile. The earrings have stones set on each side of a tube bezel so that as the piece rotates a stone is always visible. The earrings are platinum and 18k yellow gold designed for pierced ears and have “La Pousette” style safety backs. The earrings hold twelve pieces of pink sapphires at 3.24 ct. total weight, six pieces of blue sapphires at 1.56 ct. total weight, and six pieces of yellow sapphire at 1.25 ct. total weight. The earrings are $6,195.00

The earrings were also shown with a custom display stand in 18k yellow gold and platinum. The stand is $720.00.

1999 First Place Designer/Manufacturer Partnership

bracgryBest in Show, Bracelet

This award winning bracelet is a combination of platinum and 18k yellow gold with a 1.93 ct. emerald cut chrome tourmaline, 0.11 ct. total weight round diamonds accents (four pieces), 2.10 ct. total weight cabochon top square rubies (fourteen pieces), and 0.92 ct. total weight triangle pink sapphires (three pieces). The gross weight of the bracelet is 32.8 dwt. The bracelet is $10,890.00

The best in show piece from the Michigan Jewelers Association is the only piece representing all of Michigan in The Jewelers of America National Competition in 2000.

1994 Michigan Jewelers Association Design Contest

1994smallFirst Place: Designer and Manufacturer Partnership
Designed by Christine Schopieray

This piece was manufactured by Brenda Warburton at Austin & Warburton. It is 14k yellow and white gold brooch with citrine and amethyst.

1993 Michigan Jewelers Association Design Contest

1993smallFirst Place: Professional Design Category,
First Place: Best in Show

This piece is 14k rose gold, 0.99 ct, E VS1 center and 8 at 0.96 ct. in the sides (also E VS1). Designed and manufactured by Brenda Warburton.